Monday, 21 September 2015


Hai ,

hmmm twitter isnt suit for me anymore .
since theres a lot to tell.
i guess .

kinda missin' old good time w old good friends
but hell yeah aint got 'em back for forever.

i dont know why im not in good mood and nice shape these days.
always wore a frown
that sorrowness following me
dont even give a chance for me to smile

 the flashback kept haunted me all day and all night.
it hurts anyway .
missin' ppl tht i supposed not to be missed.
why so mean ?
why so hard ?
and why i do fckin' care abt that .

ya tuhan help me pls.

♥ Love Someone Not Because They Give You What You Need ,
But Because They Give You Feelings You Never Thought You Needed ♥

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