Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Esok 23/9/15
Its been a month since he pass away
I heard a lot of compliment about him
Theres a plenty out there who loves him
Im in blue
Im missed him so bad
May Allah bless you ayah
They told us that they had dream of you
They told you are happy
Your smile from ear to ear
You looks so young
But they cant see clearly cus you are shining
the shine is even more beautiful than a diamond
Its hard for them to see you
You wore a white jubah 
They can say you have a good time there 

But i wonder why
Why you dont come in my dream ayah?
i know im not a good daughter for you
but im so sorry for everything that i do towards you
i missed you ayah :'(

Now im start to think

if i died one day
Is there someone who would cry for me?
Say good thing about me just like ppl say about you dad?
Are there someone
 who will send a pray for me even recite an al-fatihah?

Cus i know i aint got no friend nor buddy beside
I dont have anyone that i can talk too
its about trust

i know theres no one will know about my death soon.
its okey.
im fine with that.
Im in pieces whenever i think about this

Dear reader, 
 if you ever read this pls pray for my dad even a single surah. 

I hope you are in peace being there ayah. 
I love you.

                              ♥ Love Someone Not Because They Give You What You Need ,
                          But Because They Give You Feelings You Never Thought You Needed ♥

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