Thursday, 24 September 2015


Hai ,
we meet again

i tried to play it cool but inside im dying
its hard to tell cus i dont know the real reasons was

doesnt really care
the love that were put on the shelf
 the moving on whats 'the deal?
you worth much more
shouldnt stick around
when you know its only end up still the same
alone and only wear a frown

that kryptonite
making more weak
frozen and even can't breathe
you are too dying too show
that you need someone
that one thing

treat you no good?
just slip away

shouldnt live a lie with someone
when deep inside you know aint the one

dont need that cry
just break away cus you arent that blind

its not that you might never be in love again
that aint true

cus there will be someone
that will see that you are worth
an undiscovered treasure on this earth.

Have faith and keep strong.
this is a lesson.

smile and walk away.

♥ Love Someone Not Because They Give You What You Need ,
But Because They Give You Feelings You Never Thought You Needed ♥