Friday, 6 July 2012

1st day in kedah ♥

salam sejahtera ke atas kamu semua . ^^ . sehat ta ?
kalau sehat alhamdulillah :) .aku alhamdulillah .okayokay joo .
ha!! harini ade benda na story .even dah terlewat but it's okay for me .
kay first day was very exciting moments and its awesome .
i dont even know how to express 'em in words .
its so unexpectable .
so far , in matric quite good
and one more important things is i got new friends
 or in other words i GOT buddies
and i do loves 'em much  much moreee :'*.
thanks to Allah cuz gifted me those awesome and everbest besties :') .
her name is Amira Husna *RARA*
and Aqilah *DODO*
 how's sweet thats name . and my new name is *DADAA*
our friend that named LINA created this awesome adoreable name for us .

alhamdulillah,everythings goes smooth and fine even im having a hard times there.
sangat lah laju pembelajarannye awak oi T.T

pray for me kays pembaca'2ku tersayangs sekalian . :)


♥ Love Someone Not Because They Give You What You Need ,
But Because They Give You Feelings You Never Thought You Needed ♥

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